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Sacrificial anode life


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Bobster, that anode looks brand new ! Take a wire brush to clean it a bit and put it back in. 

This is what a worn one looks like. Geyser was installed in Nov 2017. I got a replacement one (HeatTech and Kwikot use exactly the same anode) and installed that. 

I replaced my 3KW element with a 2KW element, as per 87Dream's recommendation. I also replaced the gasket at the same time. 

When the element flange was off I saw how bad the anode was and had to hunt for a replacement. Eventually found one at Leroy Merlin and was pretty cheap @ R133. 00.

I think the anodes wear at different rates depending on the water quality. I did not expect mine to be that bad at just under 4 years. 


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Thanks @GreenMan. That's more what I had in mind when I think of a sacrificial anode that has truly done some sacrificing.

@hoohloc I was having mine changed every 2 years. The one in the photo is about 2 years old, so I can probably push the intervals out some. You understand the idea? The material on the anode is attacked instead of the geyser itself. So by changing the anodes every couple of years you should prolong the life of the geyser.

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