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Small Wind Turbines and Grid Tie Inverters (GTI)


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I tried a GTI with a high voltage wind turbine (2 KW).The problem is the time it takes to sync with the grid voltage. It takes a few minutes to sync and the wind speed always varies. To me it seems it is not viable to try and connect small wind turbine with GTI, maybe with the bigger turbines 10 KW and up it will work better. I could be doing something wrong cause i am not an expert in this, it seemed like a fairly straight forward set-up to me. Has anybody tried connecting a small wind turbine to a GTI and did you experience any problems in doing this? Regards Regie   

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Hi Regie,


It would be interesting to get a bit more information regarding your installation and parts.

I do not think anybody here have done anything like you have done.


So far I know, with a wind turbine, you normally get a seperate MPPT or PWM controller for the turbine itself, to convert to DC.

Perhaps some battries would help smooth out the problems you having with the variable wind load, but that is hugely dependant on your system.

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