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ICC Solar Software, InfiniSolar 10 kW, Pylontech US3000C - Questions


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I have an installation with 10 kW solar panels, 10 kW InfiniSolar hybrid and 3x Pylontech US3000C batteries. For monitoring I'm using ICC Solar software on a Raspberry.
Generally, the system runs reasonable and is configured as "Grid-tie with backup (II)".
he only thing is that I have a couple of questions regaring ICC Solar software, but I never received any response from them to the mails I've sent. Seems there is no customer support, also the manual is quite "lightweight", not providing any details . Therefore I would be happy if you could share any feedback 😀

  • Is there any possiblity to stop discharge of the battery at 25 % SOC, for example? Background is that I would have some buffer and never discharge the batteries completely.
    Besides that, it would also increase lifetime of the batteries.
    Is there any possiblity to limit charging to 90 %, for example? This would also increase the lifetime of the batteries.
    If found these settings, but it is not clear to me:
  • "Info Log" shows these following messages. What does it mean?
  • There is an option "Home Automation" to control relays based on different states (SOC, etc.). Does anyone have any information about the protocol / Commands used to control a relay board? I have plenty of Arduino boards and relays here which I want to use, don't want to spend money for any "special" boards. I assume these are rather simple commands.



Home Automation.png

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