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WANTED: Pylotech US2000 - not in working condition


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Item Wanted: Pylontech US2000 - not in working condition as I need to harvest some cells from it. Typically this could be a Pylontech that has the BMS blown.

Packaging Essential: Not necessary

Desired Age: Not important

Location: Jhb

Reason: I have an old Pylontech which was hit by lightning and the BMS was blown. It was  which was kindly given to me by PurePower who is a member on this forum. 

I installed a Daly SmartBMS into the US2000 and  the (PylonDalyTech ?) works just fine as a 15S battery. However using the smartphone app I can see that one of the cells is dying. The packs in the Pylontech are a little swollen probably due to overcharging when the BMS got fried by lightning. So maybe that is why the one cell is dying. So if anyone has an old US2000 I could harvest 2x working cells from it (each cell in a Pylontech US2000 are actually 2 pouches in parallel) and then I could build a 16S pack as the Daly SmartBMS can also be configured for a 16S pack. 


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