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Deye/Sunsyunk/SolArk minimum and maximum grid voltage


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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently using a Deye 8k hybrid inverter. In our area, we frequently experience low grid voltage (brownouts) which cause the inverters to shut down. I was hoping to adjust the inverter settings to help solve this issue.

Can anyone tell me what limits I can safely use for Grid High and Grid Low voltages?

The factory settings are as follows:

Grid Vol High - 265 volts
Grid Vol Low - 185 volts


Thank you!



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I have a 5k deye... When the substation blew up a few months ago in pta East/Silverlakes/Wapadrand, I just had my inverter set up. 


I was quite annoyed that we must have done something wrong... As it switched off by itself! 

Only to measure the voltage and to find out that because of the massive explosion and kilometres of underground Tshwane power cable that ceased to exist, there was a massive voltage Spike (because they increase the voltage to overcome the voltage drop over such long distances). When that long distance no longer existed, our grid Voltage spiked at 268V and remained there for quite some time.


Turned out Nothing wrong with our setup... And very glad to have had an inverter to protect our electronics. I'm kinda inclined to leave it as it is! 

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