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Axpert/Mecer Inver


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2 hours ago, Mariud said:

Is it possible to feedback into the grid with this type of inverters?

Officially, no. However, in SUB mode they push power into the AC input and output, which are connected together in this mode, while attempting to never push power into the AC-in port. However, when a large load comes off, the power can't be turned off instantly, so a small "burp" of energy does occasionally find its way into the AC-in port. If you don't happen to have any non-essential loads (not connected to the AC-out port), then some energy may end up back towards the grid. This can cause problems with over-sensitive meters, in areas where feeding back to the grid is not possible.

I see hints in the protocol manuals that there are some models that explicitly allow for feeding into the grid. I've never seen one. I believe that some of the Axpert clones (e.g. Must Power inverters) have settings allowing you to enable and/or limit the power fed back into the grid.

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