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Grid tied string inverter on output of charger inverter setup, micro grid

Guest Sarel

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I am curious, who else runs a grid tie inverter on the input or output of a normal inverter. Not talking hybrids here, rather a Micro grid setup.

Are doing poll’s allowed on here?


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Not quite the same as what you are asking.
I have my old inverter 1000W low frequency type with a 200AH 24volt battery bank and 1040watts solar and new 5000w high frequency with 200AH 48volt lithium and 2140 watts solar.
The old one is has the ac input not connected to the grid (i.e. it is standalone battery and solar only), the ac output from the old inverter is connected to the ac input of the new inverter. So the old inverter is the new inverters "grid" The new inverter is set to only draw 4 amps AC from the old inverter so as to not overload it past 900watts.

So when the new inverter needs a bit of top up charge from the "grid", then it is getting it from the old inverter via the stored energy from the old battery bank.

I have ordered a small 3.6kw grid tie inverter from segen to try exactly what you are asking :)
Will give some feedback on how that works out.


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