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Recommendations for Basic system for complex guard house


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Hi all,

I've been looking into a basic backup system for my complex guard house to power LED lights, gates, cameras, energizers for the electric fence, and some dedicated plugs. Total peak power that I measured was around 300W when turning the mains breaker on (lights are on day/night switches that toggle on briefly on power on of course), around 150 W steady state during the day.

There are two main options at the moment - I've been looking at something like the Victron Multiplus-24-800 or a Growatt SPF3000TL-24. We'd like the option to add solar later, but given the configuration of the guard house roof, the MPPT startup voltage will have to be low, as we're only going to be able to add about 500/600W of solar (1/2 panels). Was looking at using one Hubble AM-4 24V lithium battery to start which should give a decent amount of backup run time. Trying to keep things budget friendly while not compromising on the essentials, make sure the solution lasts many years and avoid me having to fix issues late at night!

So, due to my lack of experience in using the Victron stuff, which I'd prefer to use in this case, because it has a reputation to be designed to last, can I connect the Victron to the Hubble without a GX device and just use voltage/charge set points for the battery? Not ideal I realise, but given the lack of large peak loads in this situation, seems like I could get away without BMS comms? Any other suggestions, ideas would also be welcome.



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HI 87 Dream,

Thank you for the info and input -  points taken. I have some additional points/questions for you:

- It seems Growatt is based on an Axpert design - maybe I'm wrong, but the menus and feature sets seem pretty similar in many respects. I do like the optiona/ability to monitor the Growatt's via the web though. Again, the reason for looking at the 24V version is because of the low MPPT voltage which would be a necessity if solar is going to be part of the equation. However, a 48V system with a 60V start voltage, like a King inverter would potentially work, but I will need to check the physical space for at least two panels first to be sure. Otherwise, the other option is to simply rule out solar and then use any 48V inverter, but the OCD in me keeps me searching for a solution :)

- Are you saying keep away from 24V system from the quality of the inverter's, including Voltronic ones, at that end of the spectrum, e.g. a Kodak OffGrid 1.5Kw 1.24. It seems like the lowest end 48V inverter would be something like the VMIII 5kw 48V inverter? Do you have any particular recommendations?

- I would actually prefer to use a Kodak inverter if going with the Axpert-type solution as I know the parts/spares are readily available, unless you can school me otherwise with regards to the other Axpert or Growatt brands.

- As for the dedicated plugs, that is a concern for me as well. The idea was to convert one specific standard sockes to the red dedicated type along with the requisite plugs to at least make it more difficult to plug any old device in. But of course, anything can be worked around. We have had guards removed for lesser evils than tampering with electrics.

- How old is the oldest Axpert-type setup you have done/seen that is still running without issues?


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@AlexTZA If you only need this systems to provide power during loadshedding, you might not need solar panels at all. Just an inverter and battery should be sufficient. What are trying to achieve by adding the solar panels? Rather use the budget for the panels, towards good inverter and battery. There is nothing wrong with 3Kw, 24V system for your requirements, as the power demand for the guard house should not raise.

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