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Which inverter/batteries to use for a DIY UPS system


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Good day everyone,

I am building a UPS / backup type of system for a office or two. It is mainly for loadshedding and power outages. Maximum power usage is 2000w and must last for the 2.5hrs loadshedding. It is a few PC 's and test equipment.


What I have in mind is:

KODAK King 5kw and 2x Pylontech US3000C batteries

Peak power would be 3.5kw (limited by Pylontech's 0.5C which is still above the 2000w requirement)

Backup duration would be 2.8hrs if run down to 20%

Recharge time would be 2.5hrs if run completely down (60A AC charge which is below the maximum for 2x US3000C's)


Any other suggestions or possible problems with this?


Thanks guys


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