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Axpert Inverter Moniitoring + BMS system


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A friend of mine has an Axpert inverter, and is looking into monitoring options, similar to what I did with my SunSynk and Home Assistant. I was going to suggest something like this to him: https://github.com/BionicWeb/AxpertPi

But, his supplier has told him that he cannot have more than one serial/usb device on his inverter at a time, and since he has a BMS system hooked up to it, he thus cannot achieve any sort of monitoring. Can someone confirm is this is correct? He sent me this picture of his BMS connection (excuse the image quality):


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hi  JuanH,

look at Solaranzeige. It is german but works fine! Its a raspberry image do download after registration. Hafe includet many different inverters.

my is working with "solarpower24 Primo VMIII" (Axpert) and a Daly-bms. its recording data to a influx database and its visible on grafana.


ups 2017.....



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