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GSM water meter - any suggestions


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I recently had a leak in the mains water supply pipe between the council water meter and my home which resulted in my water bill being 10 times more than what it usually is.

The leak was only visible once the ground around the leak was fully saturated and the paving started showing sign of standing water.

Insurance doesnt cover for this and council is within their rights to charge me for the consumption because the leaking pipe is after their meter.

I was wondering if there was some sort of GSM water meter on the market that would notify me if my consumption went above a pre determined set point or if there was consumption outside of pre determined hours.

Any advice/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Some volumetric water meters have a magnetic pulse that allows for the flow to be read. 

Need to check if your meter has a point to put the sensor on.


Uou can then use ESPHome with a NodeMCU to count the pulses for you.




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