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48v 1kw Wind Turbine For Sale


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I imported a 48v 1kw wind turbine about 2 years ago for my setup at home. When the thing arrived I immediately saw a problem. It was a lot bigger than I thought and not really ideal for a residential area. I ran it for about a month before the neighbors started complaining. I had to take it down. So, anyone out on a farm that might be interested? The few times the wind reached around 40km/h it pushed around 60A.. So the 1kw rating is bs.. It did at lease 2.8kw. I paid around R13k for it, but willing to part with it for around R8k. I ordered a 2nd charge controller that has manual brake function so it comes with 2x controllers. Will upload pics a bit later.

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19 minutes ago, Johann1982 said:

No Probs. Ok DeepBass9 all yours. Will upload pics later today.

I found it on line its this one correct? : https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/800W-Wind-Generator-3-Blades-with-48VAC-Output-Tail-Turned-Brake-Protection-2-5M-S-Start/127412_32371895637.html

PM me your bank details and I'll pay you a deposit. I'll be in the DRC then for the next week or so, and we can finalise the arrangements after then is that is OK. I have used Timefreight before for shipping as they have a depot near me in Rustenburg. If you could figure out the cost please, they will pick up from you. .http://www.timefreight.co.za/login.php?redir=collection/quote.php



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1 hour ago, Johann1982 said:

Yes, it says 800w on the box, but it pushed closer to 3kw when I used it. Mark has dibs though.

With respect to Mark, I have noticed that when people shout 'dibs' on the internet it doesn't mean anything, and the person rarely ends up buying the product. As in this case.....  I have had the reverse apply to me when you turn away potential buyers because someone had a brain fart and shouted 'dibs'. 'Dibs' is cash in the bank as far as I am concerned.

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This wind turbine is for sale again, it just doesn't work well for me as my wind is too intermittent, and primarily during the day. So If anyone wants it for the same price, let me know. Shipping for buyer's account.

It would work better in the following circumstances:

1-More consistent and higher wind speed.

2- Using it to charge a 12V or 24V system, these voltages are achieved at a lower wind speed, BUT, you would need a different charge controller.

3-Possibly stepping up the output with a 3 phase transformer would help to reach the required voltages to charge a 48V system, or using a different charge controller that could to this may work, just speculating though.


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