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Omnipower batteries failing

Peter Burden

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I have installed Omnipower batteries at various sites, some are on hybrid inverters , some are on Victron Multis etc. These batteries are failing for no reason. Setting are 100% and charge current not too low or too high. I have had these batteries failing in groups of 4, groups of 8 and even on 24V systems. They seem to work fine for about 2 years under very low discharge rates and then suddenly they wont take a charge and start to drop voltage to 9V ( then they are finished )

I install SonX AGMs alot at the same sites and have had no problems at all, in fact some of my sonX's are on their 7th year and still operating reasonably

Is anyone having these same problems with Omnipower batteries. I think that this technology is not great as a battery should never very so sensitive that it fails in such a short time. I have heard stories from supplies saying that you must have temp comp for these batteries well I have installed them in temp. controlled environments and they still failed.

Anyone out there having similar problems

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I had a similar problem, although only 1 failed.


I had them setup with 4 x 180ah (Actually 150ah at 10h discharge, 180ah at 100h discharge) units, BMV 702. Insulated from heat and cool. Never discharged beyond 50% DOD (so I used 3.6kwh at the most), mostly 30% DOD.

BMV702 says I drew 422kwh from the batteries over 5 years, so 117 discharges. They should have lasted 2250 charge cycles at 50% DOD.


Mine are the yellow type batteries and I have 1 that falls to 9V after 1.5kwh has been drawn from the system, so it seems it has a dead cell.

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