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Please help !!!! Error code 32 on lcd axpert VMiii 3kw


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32 is a communication problem between the inverter and remote control panel.

Is your panel local or remotely connected with a cable? If it's local then try unplugging it, check none of the pins on the connector are bent or damaged then plug it back in (this with the inverter off) then power on and see if it works.

If it still doesn't work, try with an external (remote) cable and see if this works.

If it's remote then check f it works locally, if it does then check out your cable.

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Error code 32

I think you'll find it's Warning code 32 (communications failure between inverter and removable display). Warnings have the symbol after the code; Fault codes (errors) have "F" before them.

@Acuario has some good suggestions. Any updates?

Worst comes to the worst, you'll have to get your removable display repaired or replaced (under warranty or not). Though there is a small possibility that it's the electronics in the inverter that the cable plugs into. So it would be good to borrow a removable display from somewhere, to see if it's your display, the cable, or something in the inverter.

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