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Bilge pump


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How many watts is that pump? If the solar panel is not producing enough, it may burn out the motor. With simple 12V stuff charge controllers are optional really, so a panel, cheap car battery and switching it on and off manually should do the trick. The battery will smooth out any mismatch between current drawn by the pump, and generated by the panel. I take it is not going to be running 24/7 bit rather only when needed?

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I got this one: http://www.takealot.com/submersible-bilge-pump-marinepet-12v-50w-for-boat-water-supply-d/PLID41263443

This was my first bilge pump as well and while it can empty the bathtub in about 30 minutes (up the window, probably about 1.6m, then 50m around the house into a "turtle" sprayer), I think I should have gotten a bigger one that can push more water, with more head. 

This one draws 5A @ 12V, so I ended up running it through a nice big (13A) transformer I had purely cause I don't want to haul a battery to the bathroom every time. My next pump will be 220V though. 

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