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New Axpert model from Voltronic?

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Hi virge, it might be the V-series that I have. It's like 90‰ Axpert, with some grid tie futures from the infini. Not as advanced as the infini bit does a pretty good job when it comes to mixing p

Not crappy at all, maybe you misunderstood me, unless some other Jaco thinks it is a crappy inverter. I would recommend this inverter over and over again, yes the grid feedback can be set to zero, I w

Yes, I've just configured mine to use PV, then grid for the rest, no battery while PV and grid is available.  So say 2.5KW from PV and the rest from the grid, depending on your current load requiremen

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1 hour ago, virge said:

JDP, when can I buy the Pi application for Infini V from you?

Should be there in the next month or so.

But there are some issues with the V series. It does not switch correctly.

That is why we have not yet ported it. we are hoping for new firmware but Voltronics said their is non. Maybe @Jaco de Jongh can give some more info ion the matter.

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52 minutes ago, JDP said:

Maybe @Jaco de Jongh can give some more info ion the matter.

JDP, test was done incorrectly, we were switching the wrong setting, and monitored for the wrong expected result, we expected the same result as with the axpert and forgot that the gridtie would react differently. When retesting after I figured out what to switch and what result we had to look for, it was working fine. When things quite down a bit, me and @Manie will retest from the app. Will give you feedback. 

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I also have the v series and think its the best thing since chappies

 you can have the grid tie function on or off

I run mine in what I believe is called self  consumption mode meaning ie  it subsidises the solar with Eskom  or whatever solar cannot supply it takes  Eskom for the rest

my  main reason for buying this unit was not to cycle the batteries

today  at 12 I see    10 -40 w at the supply to the  inverter, this fluctuates as the load /sun does  esp cloudy days

im not sure but this could be importing or exporting  as the load/sun fluctuates

my concern is that my prepaid meter doesn't really care (Hexing type ) but I have heard of others that do and will only accept 40 w before tripping

@plonkster wrote this on another thread

BEC23 is 40W over a 15 second window. BEC44 is less, though I cannot remember if it's the wattage or the window size.

generally the Db is split and my thinking is such that if  a small amount is exported from solar side  then it will be absorbed by the Eskom side split   instead of going to the meter / grid as a buffer so to speak ( usually something is drawing some powersowhere)

 just a heads up

cheers Max


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2 hours ago, maxomill said:

I also have the v series and think its the best thing since chappies

As I understand this one does not have the NRS certification that its bigger Infini brother has (not even the 2010 level), and another forum member queried about it and apparently it doesn't comply and never will.

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