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Upgrading/Replacing Current 3kVA Growatt System


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I currently have a grid tied system, comprising of a 3kVA (24V) Growatt inverter, 4 x 330W Canadian PVs and 2 x 200Ah SLA batteries.

It is fine for carrying most of the load, with the kitchen and geyser not being fed from the inverter.

The time has come for me to upgrade since the electricity prices are increasing and the ability of Eskom to supply it, is decreasing.

So firstly, I know the 3kVA Growatt inverter cannot be daisy chained, so I'll need a new inverter and I'm definitely looking at some LiFePO4 batteries.

Power usage:

At night, the load is hovering around 350W to 400W, while during the day it's around 500W to 700W.  This is excluding the kettle and the geyser (which has it's own panel to heat the water, with one of those geyserwise controllers).


I would like to be as close to off the grid as possible. I have a gas oven and stove, solar geyser and the load draw is not that high.


Can I still use the 3kVA Growatt inverter, or is it better to rip it out and try and sell it? 🤷‍♂️

I've read quite a few opinions on this forum on the debate of Growatt VS Sunsynk. I'm happy with the Growatt I currently have, is the Sunsynk really worth the few extra thousand Rands?

In terms of batteries, I'm thinking of using 3 x Dyness 3.5kW batteries, but I've also read great reviews on the Hubble batteries? Which is better?

Lastly, the PVs... Can I use the existing 4 x 330W panels in conjunction with let's say 8 x 550W panels?


Thanks in advance. 

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