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Inverter system voltage

Richard R

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11 hours ago, Richard R said:

"system voltage" is 24VDC. Do I need to take this into account when choosing panels?

Yes. You hopefully took it into consideration when choosing your battery voltage 🙂⚡


Or as long as I stay under the 75VDC and 25A can I choose any panel?

Yes, or even strings of panels (e.g. 3 camping panels at 22 V Voc each, or two 54-cell panels, but these are quite rare these days). Generally you would use one or two panels in parallel. Your Solar Charge Controller is the smallest one, rated at 600 W, but you could "overclock" that by up to 20%, so 720 W max. It will only charge the battery at 24-25 A, perhaps a smidge over 600 W, under ideal conditions.

Note also that the voltage is absolute maximum at the coldest possible temperature, often 0°C, which will be about 7% higher than the Voc quoted at 25°C.

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