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Growatt 18h40 Daily Battery Output Shut Off


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Good morning All, 

Hope everyone is well? 

Need some assistance asemblief, not sure if I'm having a blonde moment(s)... 

Installed a Growatt SPF 5000 HVM-P with 2 x Narada NPFC Lithiums which an absolutely peachy for a while. 

The past few days at 18:40 exactly the batteries stop supplying load. I've double checked the settings on the server and shine phone, even changed the output and charge times to counteract.... nada. 

Is it possible that these settings, although constant on the server, have been changed on the actual inverter and cannot be overScreenshot_20211112_101349.thumb.jpg.47aa2bbdee7d3e107b0a633bd7dd04a6.jpgridden via online software? 

Your input would be most awesome! 




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44 minutes ago, JoeyhZA said:

What happens at 22h00 when it kicks in again?

Also, perhaps it's just me that's confused, but where is the visual representation of the Load Consumption? 

He un ticked the load to show the other 2 he wanted us to see. It's strange behavior because it comes back at 22h00 on the last 2 days.

It could be time of use settings setting 50?

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