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Wanted Victron MPPT Smartsolar 100/50 / Trade in my new MPPT Smartsolar 100/20


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  • Study use: 2x 330w x 38v Panels in Series

I propably did a calculation error using 2x 330w x 37.83v(Vmpp) BYD Panels in series and acquired a Victron SmartSolar 100/20 MPPT (2 weeks old)

According to Victrons calc 'n could be losing 30% +. Im now getting 20A in at best loooking at the Victron Connect App

If its in fact true, Id like to charge my 12v 240A Lithium battery quicker during loadshedding, even add a 3d panel later on..

  • Camping:  2x 160w x 18.6v Panels in Series

I also want to utlize this 100/20 MPPT when camping with 1 x 160w x 18.6v panels or 2 x 160w x 18.6v in series and might add 2x more panels later...



Will a Victron 100/50 MMPT Controller (Or bigger) produce 30% more Power ?



if my theory is correct Id like to see if someone wants to trade in my 100/20 on a new or good used 100/50 or bigger without me taking too much of a knock

Perhaps sell mine for R2500 if there is interest

any Advice/Offers will be considered

I do hower need the SmartSolar/Bluetooth feature else im running blind

I am in Centurion

Tx in advance

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The current rating of the MPPT is the max current in any part of the system. With these units that ends up being the maximum charge current into the battery. So in your case, the maximum rate your battery charges is 20A at ~12V, so 240W. If you add more panels than 240W, you won't see a higher charge rate. You will however get better yield with poor insolation - like later/earlier in the day and on cloudy days. So to answer your question - you could potentially lose a lot more than 30%.

But do you really need more power? The price difference between those chargers is significant... Come to think of it, you can also upgrade your system to 24V by adding another battery and making sure the devices on the output are rated for 24V. That way you can double the wattage of the charger - 20A at ~24V = 480W. (but if you have a 12V inverter, you would have to get one that is rated for 24V)

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Thanx for the feedback ..

Im either feeding a 12v Inverter for my study servers or using it for my shacks Ham Radios.

I need to ensure that I have a 2nd working system even though the house is on a 5Kw Sunsyk, 48v system

In the past Ive also tried using a 24/12 DC to DC Converter but there are issues..

When Camping my vehicle etc is already setup for 12v so easy to stay 12v

Looks like Im going to have to just bite the bullet..

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