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Pylontech Battery Monitoring Cable for US2000 / US3000a/b / US3000c / UP2500 / UP5000


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I have seen on various threads on the forum where people have some confusion on Pylontech Battery Monitoring cables and how to construct them for the various versions of the Pylontech Batteries. I did tests on Pylontech US2000 Plus, US3000a and US3000c batteries and it worked 100% via ICC Pylontech Battery Monitoring Option. Attached is a picture of the cable construction for the RJ45 version (RJ11 Console port Version also available). The cable has been constructed and wired for flexibility and able to extend via normal network cable. I listed the cable from 2 Meter to to 20 meter for people that cannot make these cables themselves at https://www.hdcabling.co.za/product/pylontech-console-cable-for-battery-monitoring-us2000-us3000a-b-us3000c-up2500-up5000/ and think it is an affordable price. The link should be useful for people who are unsure which cable to buy. Please leave some comments on pricing / construction.


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1 hour ago, Venom said:

Considering I paid R450 for a USB to Serial port and a mail serial plug and RJ11 plug with some cable and could not get it to work R499 for the made up cable is cheap LOL

This one is available on the powerforum store, bought mine there a while back. https://powerforum-store.co.za/collections/accessories/products/rs232-to-usb-converter-cable-kit-for-pylontech

I think the confusion is with the bms coms cable, not this one

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