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Inverter settings


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Good day All.

Im Running a 8kw sunsynk hybrid with 16 x 455w JA mono connected to 2 x 5.5 hubble AM2.

During the day i hardly use any prepaid units, most was 3,5units running a house (with geyser on inverter) and a granny flat and pool pumps.

Im trying to figure out how to run on batteries during the nite. I have set up the timer and to discharge till 50% but when i keep track of my pre paid meter it does not seem to drop usage.

Any help will be ApBDBDB81E-0B71-4F95-9536-ECF461D55528.jpeg.f559f1c26f720cd94bd7f6459591012c.jpegD89ED38A-F3CE-477C-B591-5F3DE3A3486E.jpeg.189ec20a342c81c2383fe531a14b2772.jpegpreciated A7A39282-B3EA-417F-BE39-D688DC009A63.jpeg.9dbc231cc85ac9b829a92650de8b5f46.jpeg

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On the system mode screen , set the SOC on the first 3 lines to 20% , and make the 2 lines below that 50% and the last line 20%, and remove the grid charge ticks on the lines that are ticked.

So then the battery will charge up fully in the day  , and wont get used lower than 50% by 4pm to save reserves for loadshedding , then by 12am the battery will drain down to 20% through the night.  

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