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Carlo Gavazzi EM24 with Current Transformers for 50kVA or 100kVA Eskom power

CCC Telecom

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The manual for the EM24 says that pin 9,11,13 are to be earthed, these are the S2 or "negative" terminals

The 150/5 CT I am using = Schrack MG900227 (Austria) says (on the picture on the front of the actual CT) that S1 should be earthed

So that got me thinking about polarity and second guessing myself, so is this correct ?

8,10,12 = Positive = S1 Cable which connects to terminal 1 or S1 or K on the CT

9,11,13 = Negative = S2 Cable which connects to terminal 2 or S2 or L on the CT

I have installed with earth on Negative as per EM24 instructioins and it works fine, so perhaps the Schrack picture is wrong or perhaps it doesn't matter as long as you only earth one of them, either positive or negative


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