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Need some assistance 5KVA Mecer/x2 405w Canadian/x1 Shoto 48V50Ah 2.4kw/h

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Hi All,

So I'm quite a noob on this topic and need some assistance. I know my battery and panels are not efficient but my avg draw during the day is 400w-500w. I'm slowly upgrading.  

So I started with the invertor and the battery only for a UPS backup to the house during load shedding. As I noticed my draw is mostly 500w during the day I added x2 405w Canadian panels to cover my usage in day times with enough sun. 

My Goal: 

- To draw solar during the day
- To switch to Util at night time
- To have power in my battery during load shedding. 

Invertor specs:

Rated Power: 5000VA/5000W
DC Input: 48VDC, 117A
AC Output: 230VAC, 50/60HZ, 22A

AC Input is standard.

Solar Charger Mode:

Rated Current 80A
System Voltage: 48VDC
Min Solar: 40VDC
Max Solar: 145VDC

Settings Currently:
01 OSP: SoL
02 MCC: 20A
05 BT: USE
11 MUC: 10A (On SBU and 20A it cycles between battery and util every 30 min at night 12: 48V 13: Full)
12 B>U: 48V (Believe this is for SOL and SBU?)
13 U>B: Full (Is this only for SBU?)
16 CSP: SNU (Will CSO be better? Or OSO? (Believe my bats are to small for OSO) Or even to use CUt? As I think solar will still supplement power draw during the day? Leaving my bats full for load shedding? 16 is n big "not sure" for me.
26 BCV: 54
27 FCV: 53.5
29 L/DC/CV: 44V
31 SPB: SbE

As mentioned I'm open to any advice. I just want to be sure I don't have setting that will damage my battery more that it should at night. Or to use more power of the grid than I should. 

I sorted some of the short charging cycles by changing util charge to 10A from 20A and to set 13 U>B at Full. 


Thank you in advance. I have learned so much from this forum already! 

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