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New 5kw sunsynk install

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Hi guys, 


I had the following system  installed yesterday. 

5kw sunsynk inverter

1 hubble am-2

10*595w ja solar panels, 2 strings of 5 panels, facing east and west. 

Happy with the installation, but there seems to a phantom 2w of solar being generated at night, which I suspect is preventing the inverter from drawing from the battery at night. Has anyone experienced something similar? 










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1 hour ago, Tariq said:

also, do you plan on only using 20% of your batteries, as everything is marked 80% SOC

and do you have any loads on the non essential side, eg geyser

Planning on draining down to 20%.


Then I've got the Geysers and stove on the non essential side. 


Assuming I need to set SOC to 20% instead od 80%?

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Amazing that installers do not set the Sunsynks up correctly - wonder how many people out there are not getting the full benefit of their expensive solar systems. I would have also put up 6 of those panels on the east roof and 6 on the west roof, then a guaranteed minimum of 3.6kW per hour of power for 10 hours of the day i summer. 

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4 hours ago, Tariq said:


1) yes, set soc to 20%

2) on the system mode screen/ work mode 2, un-tick “ limit to load only “, this will allow solar/ battery to power your non essentials

3) in relation to the geyser where is the ct coil, before or after

Thanks. Will update settings as per 1 and 2.


Not sure if the ct coil is before or after. I've attached a Pic of if the dB though. 


The green arrow shows the cable the ct coil is connected to, and the orange arrows are the Geysers and stove. 


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On 2021/11/27 at 7:12 AM, Roy_ZA said:

Happy with the installation, but there seems to a phantom 2w of solar being generated at night

Excellent, welcome to the Sunsynk Club, nice neat install.

When you find that phantom generator, please capture it in a bottle and send me a PM, I will collect!  😁

Seriously, what leads you to believe that your panels are generating 2W? My own two strings can generate up to 93V each in the evening, dependent on weather and moon conditions,  but zero amps because it's not enough to kickstart the MPPT, so no watts.

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