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AC Surge Protection Devices for Hybrid Inverter.


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I am in the process of completing my electrical layout for hybrid inverter installation.  I do see it seems to be best practice to have a Surge Protection Device (SPD) Type2 on the GRID side of the inverter -  placed after Mains Breaker, but before breaker that feeds the Hybrid Inverter.

Is it an requirement to have the same on the LOAD side of a hybrid inverter, or does one only place one on the GRID/IN side of the Hybrid Inverter to protect the Inverter from spikes from the grid.

My panels already have DC SPDs on the DC side. I'm just wondering about the AC side.



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It is always good practice to do that.  The dryer higher areas has good lightning and indirect induced voltage that these suppressors can prevent.

Also good for electronic equipment.

What some people doe is they install a set of breakers in the "box" on the pavement where the cables enter the property.  Then in the DB they install the transorbs.  On high longish "noise" the outside breaker will trip and protect your equipment.

If you are single phase the best transorb is what is used in the base of the prepaid meters.  That been a very good design.

You can not have to many as they are design to protect.  Each prepaid meter in SA has a standard one mounted in the base. If my memory serves me right the failures after installing these devices drop with 9X%.


Very good to have it in.

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