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39 minutes ago, HeinTheTerrible said:

Anyone here worked or know of someone with an Ingeteam inverter?

Yay or nay product?


I googled them a while ago and they are old (1972), from Spain, and mostly manufactured in China these days. Just like everyone else.

So my gut feeling says they ought to be good, at least better than most of the cheapies from China and on-par with Imeon :-)

Never worked with or seen on.

Google says this: http://www.homepower.com/articles/solar-electricity/equipment-products/pv-string-inverters-buyers-guide?v=print

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It's quite a while now that I look at the Ingecon Sun Storage 1 play 6kw as a hybrid inverter option. It does however have one or two drawbacks. You need to have a 96 V battery bank and the inveter cannot run without batteries like the Infini's. It also have only one MPPT compared to the two of most 5 kw inverters. I would also like to hear from someone who has got experience with the product. Where did you get your price from Hein?

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1 hour ago, HeinTheTerrible said:

The price on the 6kw sun storage inverter is cheaper than the Goodwe 5048 and it offers the same functionality plus an extra kilowatt of output!

but you are going to pay for a 96v battery bank...

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11 hours ago, HeinTheTerrible said:

I missed that part! Read the specs on the 3kw and thought the same applied for the 6kw!

I think they're much the same in that regard. 40 V minimum battery, allowed up to 400 V.

But the killer is the 50 A max charge/discharge current. Even with a 96 V nominal battery, call it 100 V on near-maximum discharge, 50 A will only manage 5 kW before losses.

A 96 V battery doesn't have to cost much more than a 48 V one; youy buy twice as many modules at half the amp-hour capacity (or parallel half as many, e.g. 1 string verses 2). Just twice the interconnects. But they are all thinner cable, smaller lugs. Same amp-hour capacity means same energy storage.

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