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Victron MPPT power fluctuating


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My Victron MPPT 150/60 solar charge controller is fluctuation wildly. It seems to go from producing very little power to almost max power constantly. My system is a Multiplus II 3000 with 9 X CS 365W panels and the MPPT and Venus controller. I recently dumped 4 X 100amp lead acid batteries in favour of two RITAR 4.8KWH Lion batteries.

Although the RITAR batteries have BMS, when I plug a cable into the inverter, it does not like it.

I have sent mails to both the supplier and the battery manufacturer to resolve the BMS issue with no success.

Any ideas?

Victron MPPT.png

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I was not able to resolve the issue and to be fair, the system seems to be performing faultlessly so I have just left it. I just wonder though if the life expectancy of the batteries may be shortened with manual settings rather than BMS. 

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