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First time loadshedding on a new install


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OK so this may be really basic ... but with loadshedding just announced I'm a little uncertain what to do with my new system ...

We will be hit between 4 and 6am tomorrow morning, so pleanty of time to prepare.  Luckily I heat up both geysers to 65° earlier so no worries about warm showers. After everybody have been full-body santised, I'll switch the geysers off to avoid the early morning pre-heating I do on the solar geyser (the other one is normally hot enough in the mornings). 

More importantly, I need to adjust my battery profile ... I normally discharge to 20% over night, and by 4am I'd be lucky to have much more than that left.  So I'm thinking to enable grid charge from midnight, and charge up to 100%.  But then again I may as well enable grid charging now and keep it full until required?  Or maybeI'm being completely paranoid ...  I will wake up with an almost full battery, losing out on some of tomorrow's production. I have 10kWh at 77% right now.  So I will adjust the minimum SOC for the night to 50%, leaving me with at least 30% (3kWh) when Eskom goes down ... should be plenty.

Makes sense, right?

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Sound like you have a SunSynk - same as me - also my first time.

I like the last idea of setting the SOC to 50%, so when you hit 50%, the inverter will use grid. When load-shedding starts you will have go from 50% to 10% shutdown.
The load shedding is ~2 hours, so 40% (50-10) should be enough - you then have until the next load shedding cycle to charge from PV,

Thanks in advance to any more experienced/knowledgeable users who can guide us.

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