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Adding wind turbine to PV system

Alan Paul

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Greetings, well done on a fabulous forum. Please advise me about adding wind power to an existing PV system. I need to add a Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) to my 3kW PV system to provide additional power during the 16 hours when solar provides zero input - so a 500W VAWT could provide maybe 6hours = 3kWatt.hrs overnight on an average night and maybe the maximum of 16 hours = 8kW.hrs (8units) to my battery. This is adequate for my night-time energy demand.

I have been told by my suppliers of Axpert Inverters that a parallel connection of an MPPT-driven VAWT to the battery, in parallel with the Axpert battery charger will not work 'cos the 2 MPPT controllers do not talk to each other, SO can anyone advise if you have tried this??? 
Many thanks, Alan P. Lanseria.
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