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Growatt 5000 ES protect from overload


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Original poat edited in order to rephrase my question.

I am assisting a friend with his pv system.  From time to time, the household miscalculates the power consumption resulting in a inverter overload.  What is the most effective solution to protect the inverter from overloading?

I have installed a Sonoff POW R3 on my system between the breaker and the inverter and it is working as intended.  I.e.  when the load exceeds 5000w, the Sonoff trips and the inverter auto goes into off grid mode with a alarm notification on my phone that I need to pay attention to the reason for the Sonoff tripping.

Geyser is connected to the inverter (converted to PTC element and connected with relay and Sonoff TH16).  What I do like about using the Sonoff POW R3 as the trip is that scenarios can be set that if POW R3 is off (trip or loadshedding) the TH16 cannot come on.

Is there better alternatives than using a Sonoff POW R3 i.e. relays or breakers etc.

See setting from Growatt server attached.  Am I correct that this setting only applies when when drawing from the battery?  I.e.  when battery overload occurs, switch back to mains?  Please clarify.

Since I am posting, please can I raise a few other questions I have:

1.)  Best setting for charge and float voltage (Hoselect 4.8kw - Not connected BMS (Installer said Growatt and Hoselect cannot communicate) - Set on USE)

Current charge - 56.4v & Float 54.0v - I have seen a post that suggests charge 52.5v & Float 51.8v

Battery to Mains working point 51.2v  Mains to battery working point 0V

2.)  Anyway to connect BMS with Growatt and Hoselect?  Is there after market modules that can integrate the Hoselect (does have BMS) and the Growatt?  Is the benefit of SOC worth exploring a possible solution and associated expense?

3.)  Should I consider reducing the battery to mains to e.g 50v to negate grid import at times?

3.)  Charge source is set to PV only.  Inverter set to SOL - Once sun sets and PV input is zero, the inverter charges the battery from the mains.  Is there another setting that I need to check to only charge from PV and not from mains?

Thanks in advance


Screenshot 2022-01-14 145638.png

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