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C.Town Municipality requirements for SSEG


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Thanks for posting Mike.

Just giving the document a quick once over, I see it will NOT be worthwhile to go the SSEG way.

The benefits is just to small and the initial cost outlay is HUGE :(


Connecting to the grid, but not exporting any power back, makes more sence for me.

Just staying below 600 units per month works best for me.

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Yes Wetkit, i agree fully with your thoughts. I would consider using a hybrid grid tied unit, add the battery bank and only use Eskom / Muni as a last resort if battery bank is low. or perhaps just go totally offf grid.

It is really not worthwhile within CT City limits to go grid tied until such tome Nersa or the city comes to terms with the price structure in favour of green energy

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Hi Mike, I see you are selling your GTI because you went hybrid.  What does your set-up look like now? I'm also considering the hybrid route.

I'll post some pics as soon as i have the conversion finished. Clients are just keeping me busy at the moment with an install per day..... i am booked till next Friday already.

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I just read the document in quite a bit of detail.


It would seem that if you install any solar connected to your DB board while you are connected to municipality , you'll have to go through the process. SSEG does not specify if you're exporting or not only that you're an embedded generator even if just for own use, you're still embedded. If you're not exporting you'll need to have a device or inverter that will limit export and they will most likely come and install a pre-paid meter.


So the way I understand is the only way you can do PV without having to worry about the above is if you go completely off-grid...


Now I know this doesn't happen in practice.


What would you say is the real necessary steps when installing solar to just at least be responsible in what you are doing?


The ones I can come up with:

Make sure installation(eg wiring) is done correctly, DC and AC

Make sure all grounding is done properly

Install isolator switches on both AC and DC side

Make sure that the planned equipment comply with the NRS 097-2-1 regulations/specifications.


Is there any other critical things that I'm missing??


I wonder if we will get to a point where the city will inspect suspect adresses to do inspections, for instance where the elec accounts are much lower than the history of the same account??

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