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Imeon 9.12 3-phase installation


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2 years ago I wanted to install a solar system, paid the deposit and waited for the guys to arrive on site. 2 weeks later and many promises further, I was still waiting in vein. I decided to start getting to grips with solar, as I did not even know how it was working! I new the sun would be used to generate power. I cancelled the order and started the fight to get the deposit back and to start to get knowledge about solar.

Today 2 years and about 6 weeks, I started the system up and it is working 100% ( so far )

I did everything myself and with the advice of many of our forum members. I do not want to name specific guys, but hell, the forum is great and yes there is really a lot of guys on the forum that knows a lot !!! Thanks to everyone for his/her contribution to my successful installation.

Attached hereto a few pictures of the installation and yes guys your criticism will be highly appreciated. Remember nobody and nothing is ever perfect !!. 


DB Board.jpg

Imeon screen shot.jpg

Install 1.jpg

Panel setup.jpg

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The installation is now 98% completed and at the moment I am generating 80% of my total energy required.

Within the next month I should be on a 100% basis and will be totally self sufficient.

Herewith a few pic's for those of you interested.

Please note the 2 additional extractor fans running on the Imeon inverter. They are fixed with double sided tape to the unit, positioned exactly over the 2 existing extractor fans of Imeon'

By just a small modification like this, I have managed to reduce the running temperatures of the Imeon from more than 65°C to less than 38°C

Time will tell whether I have the problem sorted in total or not !!





Solar room.jpg

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Hi All

As most of you are aware, the Imeon was replaced with an Infini 10kw about 8 months ago and still going STRONG!

I have just completed the 2nd phase of the installation with 2 more Infini's and a pylontech battery bank.

I have generated a total of 150 kw today !! It was partly rainy and only got the last array up and running by midday!

Tomorrow I will have a much better idea of what I will generate per day.

Attached a few pic's for those of you that are interested


Thanks for all the help of the members !!





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Nog steeds 'n taak verrig met uiterste netheid. Respek.


Sal die maar saggies noem: Dit maak my hart sommer warm dat jy al vir 'n Victron moes betaal. Jy is so amper daar. :-) 

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