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Inverter repairs

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Hi Asher,

I was referring to the AC to DC battery charger.

I assumed that this would be a separate unit to the DC to AC inverter.

With the Axpert units that have failed in our residential complex, the inverter is still working ie lights stay on when mains input removed, but the batteries never get recharged, or on some the mains breaker trips as soon as the Axpert is supplied with input power.

Are there any schematic or technical documentation available for Axpert units?




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32 minutes ago, Solo said:

I assumed that this would be a separate unit to the DC to AC inverter.

Depends on the model. Rumour has it that the 24V model has a separate AC/DC charger. So it is theoretically possible to blow the charger and keep the inverter.

The 48V models (at least the garden variety everyone uses around here) have a single buck/boost stage that shovels charge from the low voltage DC bus to the high voltage DC side (and back) depending on what it's doing at the time. Actually not that different from a small UPS which also tend to use the same component (transformer) for both charging and backup. If you blow the buck/boost, both charging and inverting stops working. This is also the part of the inverter that works the hardest and is most prone to blowing up.

With models like the "King" that is double-conversion (sort of), you could potentially lose the AC input side (that rectifies AC onto the high voltage DC bus) but have the rest survive, and you could also lose the final stage (that makes the AC) while you can still charge. In theory at least.

Short answer: depends on model and topology used, but in most cases you lose both.

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On 2017/01/23 at 2:06 PM, Asher said:


If you need your inverter repaired please message me.

Axpert, Mecer, Ecco, microtek, sukam, Santak,

AEC, TBE, Powerjack, Devel or Powerstar.

Inverter out of warranty.

Blown or burnt smell , lightening damage, no output , no charge and so on.

Thank you



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