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Kodak and pylontech battery (comc error) BMS cable

Barry L

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Hi i have recently purchased a pylontech UP2500 batter and Kodak of grid inverter. is there anyone that can help me with the cable configuration the systems swithes on and off between battery connect and disconnect. error 61 is always on where do we find the correct cable config for the BMS system? please help

cheers Barry

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Hi @Barry L,

Did you sort this out? For those that did not know or might have the same pending issue. Pylontech released a service bulletin for all Pylontech models US2000C, US3000C & UP5000 paired with Kodak or Voltronics Inverters namely, the OG7.2, OG5.48 plus (Axpert King). 

The Comms has a problem were error 61 will display. This is fixed with a Firmware update via Battery view. However should it not be possible to update yourself, these are the settings to set under USER settings on the inverter. 

see below: 

I see that your model is a US2500. Not sure if this qualifies for you but here is the table below for the ones listed above. 


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