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Battery Conition


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375w / 12v = 31a @ 1h and 1/4 = 38 ah used from the batts. It sort off implies (Assumed) that you have used 15% of the capacity of the battery assuming that it was charged full. 

The fact the it has dropped to 11v under load does not sound to good for the battery life and some one just now is going to sy you must get the battery tested to check if it is still ok. In theory if you draw 15% you should get some good life out of your batts. 



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On 2/3/2017 at 8:57 AM, andrevh said:

What is the condition of the battery and how long should it last?

Was the battery fully charged?

If it was, sounds very suspicious for the volts to drop that fast. So ja, have it tested. :D

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