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MQQT registration info

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7 minutes ago, cvzyl said:

Machine ID is generated by the the software. You need to send it to Manie, he will generate a license key for you. Similar to ICC app.

Thanks. I imagine @Manie will see this. Please also let me know the port that I need to use with the IP. From what I understand the MQQT Windows App connects in to the MQQT "server" running on the Raspberry Pi. So I know the IP of this but am not clear which port that MQQT "server" uses. Also, if it is a special port, will I need to set up a firewall rule in the Raspberry to open it on the Raspberry? At the moment I am running MQQT Windows App on the local network with the Raspberry.


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11 minutes ago, Manie said:

Look at the pi settings. There is a place for mqtt and the port number

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The MQTT is great by the way. It means that normally you don't even need to worry about remoting in to the pi where ICC is running. For monitoring all I need to do, then, is just run this app. I will only need to remote in to the pi if I need to change mode or other settings. Makes a great add-on to ICC.

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5 hours ago, Manie said:

Is the data coming through on the pi?

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I now have the data coming through into ICC on the pi. I connected the USB to the "slave" Axpert inverter in the cluster and it works, as @Don mentioned. The only thing that doesn't seem to be configured correctly is the Emoncms feed. The Emoncms server is running on the same pi (not sure if that is a best practice) so it is localhost. In the settings tab in ICC I have entered the Emoncms API key and for the host "http://localhost/emoncms" but that is obviously not right as it doesn't send the data. Should I be using "" or something else?

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2 minutes ago, Don said:

Just enter the following under Emoncms Server : localhost/emoncms/ (without http)

Thanks, trying now ....

OK. That works - noteworthy that the trailing forward slash at the end of the address is required (not always the case).

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