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Possible sync time control ICC/MQTT

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MQTT reads everything in its display from a pi ICC and displays it on a Windows machine but it does not synchronize the time control settings for changing between Solar/Batt and Grid. It can send a change in the time settings from MQTT to ICC but does not read the current setting in ICC on the Pi. Would it be possible to do this as it could be confusing to the end user. If they have set up a time control settings in the ICC interface but then don't see them in MQTT it may confuse, especially as it seems to be reading everything else across. The user may have forgotten the current time settings they configured or think that they haven't been configured and so it would be useful to see them updated in MQTT. It's a very small thing but may be helpful to end users.

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I did not send that values to MQTT. I had them removed . I did the swiching also from MQTT but it is a security risk as if you do a port forward and i have your ip adress i can controll your inverter

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