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Wago 221 connectors


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We just had some storage space installed in our roof space and I had a look at the easiest way to add a plug up there for a lamp.

Looking at the nearest junction box it's a bit of a mess. All the wires are just taped together, no connection blocks or anything.

To clean it up I was thinking that the neatest and easiest is to use a Wago 221 5 way. They look to be rated for 32A and looking in the regs I don't see any reason why I couldn't use them.

Definitely seems like it would be safer than the current situation of wires just twisted and taped.

Anyone think I'd have an issue with CoC if I installed them?

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Wago connectors are great if installed correctly, which specific Wago connector you use would depend on current rating and whether the wire are fine stranded, course stranded or solid conductors (or a mixture). They're especially handy for connecting multiple wires by being an acceptable workaround to the 2 wires maximum per terminal rule in the electrical regs.

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