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Apollo high pressure solar geyser/Good quality high pressure solar geyser

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Hi guys.

Im new to this forum and like it already with some excellent feedback from the members.What I want to know is if someone had installed a Apollo high pressure solar geyser/Good quality high pressure solar geyser and if it was worth the +-R20k addition of solar equipment?Any recommendation of other products to consider on saving a few bucks on electricity for heating water?



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I am not sure if it is the same model you are talking about but I have had an Apollo solar "hybrid" geyser installed for about 10 years now without any issues apart from a small leak on one of the vacuum tubes which was very easy & cheap to fix. 

They called it a hybrid high pressure geyser because the geyser itself is not pressurised but it provides high pressure hot water by using a high pressure copper coil which goes through the geyser and works as a heat transfer. The system works very well and I would guess has a higher life expectancy than a conventional high pressure solar geyser as the geyser itself is not pressurised at all. 

It is also cheaper than a high pressure geyser.

If I have any complaint (doesn't really bother us at all), it is that the temperature of the water coming out of the tap drops slightly if someone else opens a tap. I assume because the water goes through the pipe faster so doesn't have as much time to heat up. Is very easy to tell if it is a "hybrid" high pressure geyser as they have a small tank sitting on top of the geyser to keep it full up and an expansion pipe to bleed pressure if the water in the tank starts boiling (happens if no one is using any hot water and you have very hot days)



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