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Faulty 5Kw Axpert King


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Hi all, I have a problem with a faulty "Branded" Axpert King inverter. One evening I logged into my ICC Pi4, that is connected to my 3 parallel King inverters and noticed that we were drawing excessively high current, which did not look right. The next day I went to our container that houses the system and found an error on the Primary inverter's screen (can't remember the code), I switched the inverter off and tried to switch it on again, but with no luck. It just would not restart again, display also dead. I sent the inverter in to the place I bought it from, they said it was no longer under warranty (apparently 1 yr warranty, it is just less than 2 yrs old)  and that they sent it in to a repairer. After 3 weeks I was told that the inverter would cost in excess of R7k to have the inverter repaired. I asked for a detailed report on how and why and was told that report would cost an extra R1k. I have tried to find other repair centers to send my inverter to, to get a second quote (for my insurers) but to no avail, as they say it is a "branded" Axpert king and they can't repair it because of differences in firmware etc etc.

Can anyone assist me with my dilemma?

Thank you


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