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Emoncms Startup Tutorial


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I thought Ill give a quick startup tutorial for first time user of emoncms. Now some of the images might not be exactly as the .org site but the principle stays the same. Also this will be just how to start your first feed and new dash , the possibilities is infinite when it comes to editing the das extra and also the idea is not to write a full manual on the subject , so here goes.

Once your software has started to log the data to emoncms you will need to inputs page to verify that the data is there: 


In the input page you will see a list of all data received by emon but it will not be logged yet in the DB so to start give the input a meaningful name:



Once done you will start to create you first feed by selecting the "wrench" on the far right:


This will bring up the menu for creating a new feed. Below is a short description of the options involved and there a many to chose from but for this quick tutorial I will stick to the basics. The more you play with emon the more you will get to learn what this powerful interface can do for you. The main thing here is to "math" you interval to whatever you will receive you data at. Anything soner will not make any difference to emon an will lead to "duplicate" values.


Once you have added the new feed. it will now show in your inputs feed. Save a close the page.



Next go to you feeds page to view the new feed that was created.


To make this feed public double click on the lock to make the feed public else it would not show on your dash unless your are logged into your emoncms. 


That is all that you will need to do in your feed menu as the data is now been logged into emoncms.Next you will need to log into your dashboard to create , name and save a new dash.




Here is a overview of the dash options:


Click on the dash edit and you will arrive at the blank dash now you can start to play with all the widgets and feed values to whatever you want it to look like!


Hope this will give you a good idea as to how to start up with emoncms!




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@PaulF007 thanks a great deal for this excellent tutorial. The information about setting up EmonCMS on the internet is dismal. We all owe you our gratitude for the tutorial which will save many hours of fruitless searching for information. It is on my list of things to try today.

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