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1.5Kw and 2Kw geyser elements for sale


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On 2017/03/01 at 9:58 AM, SilverNodashi said:

Hi,  I realize very old post but do you perhaps have any of these elements left?




I have some new, unused 1.5Kw and 2Kw geyser elements for sale if anyone is interested. 

These are 1" BSP type screw-in geyser elements. 

1500W: R250

2000W: R100






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I got a 2kW (bolt on type) element from Builders Warehouse a year or two ago - for Builder Warehouse brand geyser. 

I see they are still available - Buy Geyser Element 2kw Spiral WP | Builders

They also have the screw in 2kW version - Buy Geyser Element 2kw Boss WP | Builders

If you are going to do this, check the sacrificial anode and change it at the same time. On mine i also changed the gasket between element and geyser. 

It is great having less load on the inverter albeit that it takes longer to heat the water. 


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