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A way to force the re assessment of net-metering schemes


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I would just like to hear a few thoughts on net metering.


Is there no way that consumers can force the city to come forward with more favorable net metering tariffs for residential users?

Or would you think it's just better to go 0% export and not mind the hassle?


It's actually quite sad that the city is so short sighted about using more renewable energy sources.


Any thoughts? 

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My thoughts on CoCT's implementation of net meter is one focused only on their coffers.

If everyone went solar at home they would lose out big time.

They have already stated that they have put up water, refuse and sewerage as a result of people saving water and electricity.


So by saying you can only consume more than you generate and pay the R400 a month "connection" fee, they are still guaranteed an income every month.


The only exception I can see is households that have huge R5000 to R10000 elec bills.

They will benefit the most out of this.

I'm trying to generate for an average R900 bill a month.

So if I generate half my power and cut R450 off my bill, I will still end up with a R850 bill a month.


CoCT, going backwards slowly! 


If electricity was treated as a service in this country and not seen as a potential profit maker then things might change.



I would be so willing to buy a net meter and pump elec back into the grid for free, if it meant my elec bill was R0 a month.

That free elec can go to the previously disadvantage folks that apartheid apparently forgot to make provision for in the growing national gird.

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its all about the money.. you guys just nailed it!

i thought when i strated out with net metering that it would be   R140 availablility and thats it, knowing full well that i would pump back more than i could use.....


So i give them 500kwh but i have only imported 200kwh, they only credit me for the 200 at 40% less than they charge me and take the other 300 for free... So yes i have a 40% reduction on my bill....but it is the principle of the matter...here we fork out thousands to  "help " and get screwed in return.

As soon as i have another 4 batteries i am going to switch my hybrid to off grid for a month or so and see how i manage...i only use approx 400kwh per month. The panels carry me in the day without touching the batteries so it is only the night time....

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Well I guess then there's no need to finght a ignorant money hunting scheme...


In CoCT it's way to expensive to go for Net metering. Zero export is an option, but say one wants to do it completely legal, would that then mean that you need to get a pre-paid meter that decrement credit when feeded back if you don't want to be on the pathetic net meter tariff system? Because I really have no interest in hasling with pre-paid electricity again, it's a schlep...


Mike what can you expect to pay for decent batteries? I reckon if I install 10kwh capacity to be able to use 5 at the most then I'll be fine with the occasional import from the grid. The other problem is that when you install batteries you need to cover the cost of the batteries with the extra money that you save by using the batteries and I presume depending on how many cycles you run and how far you discharge them will depend how many years you can get out of them but I doubt you'll get more that 5 - 6??


I would have been already happy with a R140 connection fee and then net metering... R400 is just totally ridiculous. But yes in the end it still sucks, solar can actually play an important role in the whole picture but greed is a bastard!!!


I guess in a 3rd world country we will never reach the level of development than in 1st world countries, some days it just still irritates me...


So although there is not enough electricity available they still don't want you to produce your own, and because of unemployment we are encouraged to work more inefficiently and use as little as possible machinery... hahaha what a South African joke... 

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Well it doesn't really matter. As far as I understand most systems run on a 48v nominal bank voltage... so either 24 x 2Vs at 200 - 250ah or 8 x 6Vs etc.


I would probably have to look at 200 - 250ah batts if I want more or less 5 kwh available and working on a total bank voltage of 48v x 200 x 50% = 4.8 kwh??? 


Had 12V batts in mind... thought they were cheaper, but may not have the lifespan of the 2V ones?? The idea of the bank is to simply be some back up power, not to run completely off grid as for that I reackon I'll need quite some more storage capacity...

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