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Lots and lots of blue


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Still needs a lot of wrap-up, comms cables running all of the place, some PV wiring running at the top (meant to go to another string, not connected yet)... BUT... I just love all the blue in this picture. Used my old aluminium rail on the wall as an easy place to mount things, and then some left-over angle-aluminium to mount the two controllers on. The busbars is in that box on the right.


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The idea of pointing panels North West seems to work. Around 1PM they start to come close to full power. Here my main 900W array (pointing North) is making close to the usual amount for this time of day, around 800W, while the NW string is picking up nicely (at 524W here out of 600W).


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And this is the kind of curves it produce. N string peaks at 12:30PM, NW string is at peak around 2:30PM and produces 30% of its rating even until 6PM. We'll have to see how it goes in winter, but I'm quite happy with this result.


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