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Utility/grid Scale Solar System Designer and or Project Manager

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I have potential access to funds for a utility/grid scale solar farm.

If you know anyone who is proficient/ubderstanding of/at designing and or project managing a full utility scale system (25MW+) and having a full understanding of the regulatory requirements then please let them contact me here on the forum, or pm me for contact number/email.
Preferably someone from WC or Gauteng.
Ideally would suit a retired electrical engineer/project manager who is looking for something exciting to keep busy with :)


Best regards

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You may want to do more homework, what kind of solar are you looking at? Ideally this would probably best fit, but has very little to do with home PV solar.

On Gurgle Earth, you can see other similar setups around this neck of the woods... the prime issue as per Wikipedia.org...

Energy storage

One remarkable feature of the plant is the large energy storage capability. It is the world’s first commercial utility-scale CSP
plant to have more than nine hours of storage, which provide the ability to deliver power well after sunset or when power demand
is highest, effectively making it a peaking power plant. Bokpoort CSP Owners led by ACWA Power International (Saudi Arabia) describes
this system as the largest thermal storage system ever built for a CSP plant of its size and capacity.

The Bokpoort thermal energy storage consists out of one hot and one cold storage tank (each 40 m diameter and 14 m height) filled
with 39,100 tons of environmental friendly molten salt (potassium and sodium nitrate). 

Just plain PV is not of value, without storage and if you're looking a 25+MWh and then some, PV just is not a viable option, since the storage would be problematic at best...

Just my 5cents worth...

If I were Eksdom, I would only allow feed in, from plants that can provide energy when peak demand is there, which likely will be when the sun isn't exactly high in the sky...

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