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My Install Need help now with monitoring

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Irrespective of going Windows or Pi route, assuming you going ICC, then after you have gathered the hardware and software installed, then all you need to measure is a USB (the old square type) to connect to the Master Axpert. If you look underneath where all the cables connect, near the middle, are two ports. One is a old style USB port, and the other a RJ45 style RS232 port. Use the USB port. Magic will happen once you start measuring, including actually knowing what the system is doing. I don't see a BMV in you setup, and I would advise strongly to get hold of one, as you will soon find out that the Axpert behaviour is not ideal if you are using the internal battery voltage values to "switch". Many articles here to advise on that. It does require a special USB cable, which you can connect to the Pi or Windows setup, if you prefer.

Hope this helps.

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What is these? Pi, USB cable, BMV, BMV cable etc. 

Depending on your setup of Axpert, you need more energy to recharge them, which, if you don't have enough PV power, then it can only come from the grid, especially if you run through the night on batteries. Something I avoid. With Axpert's inaccurate SOC/battery control (Voltage is actually not shabby), you may have already damaged you batteries/ cycled them to near 0/low % DOD.

Maybe describe your setup and setting more fully, and other Axpert experts like Chris Hobson can assist.

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This was done by an installer.  I have 5.2 KW solar panels split between the 2 5Kva Axpert's master and slave. My knowledge to this is very limited hence I found this site and will ask a lot of questions. I have GAS hob , oven and solar geyser still connected to the grid. If you need more photos and close ups I will provide. The setup is grid tied so it will charge the batteries at night if they do need to.

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Let's first try and establish your Axpert configs.

Please tell us what your settings are. I assume you do have the manual. If not, please get it here (15 posts minimum!) or on the net. You have only 10 posts to go!!. If you scroll right down on the PF homepage, bottom right, you will see a section with Docs. Get the one which was written by Chris Hobson.

Then compare that to your setup. 

Don't know how to get your setup. Easy. Look at the LCD screen of the Expert (master). The one with the HS top middle of the LCD.

Press and hold the right hand side button. As soon as the display reads 01 ESC, release, and then use the down button to start scrolling through your configs.

Write them down 1 by 1 and report here. The explanation of each setting (by number) is in the Axpert Manual, which you can get here or from voltronics.com. Go Products, select your Inverter and look for the manual. 

Of course, you can/should first read a lot of articles here under the Inverter Section, as this topic has been discussed quite a few times. 

Happy reading:D:rolleyes:

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