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Proline energy 4Kw settings


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Are the settings of the Proline Energy the same as the axpert.

do some one can tell me where can I get the settings for the Proline Energy 4 Kw inverter.

invertor charger

model name proeim5k48

operating temp 0-55

rated power 5000va4000w

dcinput 48v 93amp

ac output 230volt 50 hz 22amp

ac charger

input 230v 50 hz 35 amp dc output54 cvolt

ac output230 volt 50hz 22 amp

solar charge mode

rated current60 amp system volts 48 volts

min solar voltabe 40 volt max solar voltage 145 volt ROHS



Thanks Japie

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@japie my 2 Axperts are Proline rebranded and I have been using some of the settings suggested on this forum. So they would appear to be genuine Voltronics Axperts. I have reprogrammed the firmware with @Coulomb 's latest 72.70B and 4.10 SCC firmware and it works very well. Also reprogrammed another guy's Prolines in our village and have not heard of any problems. When charging from a generator this week I did not have any of the problems others seem to have as long as setting 3 is set to APL. The inverters were set to 30A max current each giving a total of 60A which Trojan suggested for my 450AH bank. Hope this helps you.

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I think that there must be at least PWM and MPPT models of these Prolines. It's not certain to me that any PWM models can use the patched firmware, or indeed official firmware with major revision numbers 72 or 52.

It should be safe to use patched firmware on models with existing official firmware that has a major revision number of 72, i.e. 72.xx. Though I suppose it's possible that a clone manufacturer might deliberately make their hardware and firmware different from Voltronic Power's, just to avoid prosecution as a blatant copier, yet use a similar sounding firmware version, like 72.65 or even one of the commonly seen ones like 72.70.


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5 hours ago, japie said:

Are the settings of the Proline Energy the same as the axpert.

It occurs to me that if you have an inverter/charger of unknown own origin, and it has firmware claiming to be 72.60 or later (i.e. if you can scroll through the displayed data with up and down buttons, and come across one that starts with U1, and the other two groups of digits say "72" and "60" or "70"  or any two digits greater or equal to "60" in that order (i.e. the 72 to the left of the other digits), then the following is a fairly sure-fired way of determining if you have a genuine Voltronic Power manuactured unit. It involves a command that I've mentioned in passing before.

You need to hook up a comms program to the serial port (as far as I can tell, you can't use the USB port). See the instructions on the AEVA PIP-4048MS web page if necessary (in short, any comms program set to 2400-N-8-1, doesn't need to be Windows), and type this command:


where <return> means the enter or carriage return key. No CRC characters are required, and any attempt to enter them will cause the firmware to echo a (NAKss response (Negative AcKnowledge, with CRC of "ss"). If successful, you should see:


I'm assuming that cloners will realise that leaving that there would be proof of a copyright violation, so they'd put "CLEVER CLONERS COMPANY" or any other string there to avoid being legal sitting ducks. Or just quietly not support that command, so you'd get the (NAKss response.

This command is present in firmware versions 72.60 and later, and is not present in 72.40 or earlier. If there are versions between these two numbers, they may or may not have this command. If the command doesn't exist, you will get the (NAKss response.

If you can't even find a U1 display page, then it's not a Voltronics Power Axpert. If it's a different design made to look like an Axpert to take advantage of their relatively good reputation, then the above will fail. If it's a really exact copy, then the above will pass, but hopefully it will also act like an Axpert in important respects, like being able to run updated official or patched Axpert firmware, and the settings should be the same, so that you can take advantage of the collective expertise on forums like this one.

QFTY might stand for Query Firmware TYpe. I have no idea what the "5200" signifies.  Presumably, it's designed so that people don't discover it accidentally. It seems too useful to leave it undocumented.

If this is supposed to be a secret to catch cloners out, then I'm truly sorry. No-one benefits from copied hardware, including the copiers, I suspect. Voltronic, if you're listening, just put a slightly more subtle check into the next firmware, and I promise I won't reveal the next one. Oh, and please fix the charge bug; I'm sure you can figure it out by reverse engineering the patched firmware. I did try to email you about it.

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parameters -> settings
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