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Can i use Hanergy thin film panels and any brands ploy christalline panels togather with Infini plus inverter

Zeeshan Hayder

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Dear members, I have installed Hanergy thin film panels with Infini plus 3kva inverter at my home. Each panel is 105-115 watts and volts are 85-90. Each panel current is 1.54 Amp. I have connected 4 panels in series on a single stand and then total 7 stands are connected parallel means 28 solar panels total. There are cracks on 4 panels installed at different stands which i think causing resistance during flow of current and i am getting hardly 1700 watts pv input out of 3080 watts capacity. I want to remove the panels having cracks and thinking to add few poly christalline panels which may have different current and volts i.e 12 volt/24 volt and 10 amp etc. Kindly advise that is it possible to connect two different types of products with infini plus 3kva inverter.  2ndly what could be the contribution of cracked / broken panels... Any contribution or creating resistance...? 


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