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I agree with @viper_za if you look at the formula posted here to heat 300l of water from 20 to 60 deg (40 deg) with 1000 w it will take about 13 odd hours to do. So it will take two days to heat up the geyser. Unless you are happy with having a hot shower every second day I think you will be in trouble :D

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5 hours ago, PaulF007 said:

it will take about 13 odd hours to do

Also, on that kind of volume you'll have a standing loss of between 2.5kwh and 3kwh per day (at 65 degrees of course), so once you get it up there you're going to spend 3 hours a day just keeping it warm... :-)

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LOL , before I had your formula I did a test with a OLD 200l geyser that I modified and a 1000 w element. It did not work at all. After three days the water just started to get hot enough that you would pull your hand way. 

Just for fun here is some of the pics of the project :) 

It was  a push in element and the only 1000w element that I could get was a screw in and as you can see this one was gone. 



So I decided to convert the plate so that it will take a screw in element. 


Setting it up was a bit of fun but got it going and the tread was fairly quick



Here is a pick of the element mounted close to a tap so that I could test it. 



Pity it didn't work :) 


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thanks for the info guys

but what if its in a solar geyser

surely that would make a difference

and I could also run it off my excess pv power during the day as the solar geyser is flat plate and not very good in winter

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9 hours ago, maxomill said:

but what if its in a solar geyser

That will make a huge difference. I have a 200l EV geyser with a 1kw element and in my case I  add an extra 10 to 20 deg to the geaser when I use the surplus energy for the geyser. 

Normally , in winter , I will have about 60 to 65 deg in the evening starting from 30 deg in the morning now we get about 75 to 80 peaking at 97 deg. So Yes it does make quite a difference. 

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